Workout Tracker

This is a basic workout tracker aimed at those that just want to easily keep record of their workouts, understand when they beat their records and have access to performance graphs.


Creating an account is easy and free. Just enter in a simple username and password and you'll be able to track your workouts and customise your exercises.

Record your sets

Easily enter in your sets as you go. Choose your exercise and then enter in your weight and how many reps completed.

Percentages will be automatically calculated and the tool will let you know when you beat your record for highest weight for those amount of reps.

Activity log

Go through your past results and check what you entered in the activity log.

All your data will be saved here for future reference.

Plan your workout

Create a plan for your workout by choosing which exercises you're going to do. This will pre-load the exercise when you're adding your sets. If you're doing supersets, just by hitting 'Submit' you'll be taken to the next exercise in your superset.

You can then save these workouts and load them up later for quick access.

Check your records

Load up any exercise to check what your current records are set at. Also view the estimated percentages that you can work to accomplish based on how heavy your weights are by the amount of reps.

Manage Exercises

Once you've created an account, you'll have access to be able to add, edit or delete any exercises available. This means you'll be able to have a customised database of exercises that make sense and are relevant to you.